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Why attend?


Each year, the Bedi Walker conference brings together top boarding schools from North America and Canada in one place.  This is your chance to meet and network with top school officials first hand and have all your questions answered. Let your next step be your best step.


See you there!

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Why attend the

Bedi Walker fair?

If a list of schools is all you want, then there’s the Internet. However, chances are you probably haven't done this before, which means you're likely flying blind and aren't sure what questions you need to ask, or even how to learn about the culture of a school and whether or not it will be the right fit.

If, on the other hand, you're like most parents who want to be sure your children receive a quality education preparing them for their future, then our fair gives you an opportunity to meet representatives of schools to find the ones that work best with each child’s interest and personality. 

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Bedi Walker?

An Asset.

Unlike most educational consultants, I have also worked as a boarding school admissions counsellor. Like you’re doing now, I have also travelled the school application pathway as a parent of two boarding school students. This experience of multiple vantage points gives me a distinct perspective. I have a thorough understanding of the educational landscape, the personality of the schools, and what each program has to offer. I can also relate to your concerns as a parent seeking the best possible opportunity to further your child’s development academically, socially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Benefits of Attendance

The Bedi Walker North America Boarding School Fair is like no other, it  boasts strong connections and relationships with schools within the USA and Canada and increases the opportunities available to its attendants. Here are the benefits of attending our conference.

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Benefits of Attendance

The Bedi Walker North American Boarding School Fair is like no other. It boasts strong connections and relationships with schools within the USA and Canada and increases the opportunities available to its attendants. Here are the benefits of attending our conference.


Network with over 45 boarding school representatives and build a relationship with our partners. Meet other parents and students to form valuable new connections and exchange ideas.


Attend our conference and increase your knowledge of the financial aid options available to you. Learn what you will need to receive these funds and how they will help you afford academic fees.


Not sure where you want to go? The Bedi Walker North American Boarding School Fair is like no other, boasting the attendance of over 45 schools. Come explore, network, and discover new schools.


Get on the radar of our boarding school partners, register for our fair, and choose whether you wish to be put on the watchlist by our partners. Come by, and give our partners a chance to meet you before the fair.


Create your shortlist of the schools that fit you best from among our partners. Register for our fair, speak with partners face-to-face, to accurately narrow down your list to find the perfect school for you.


Get a feel for campus life when you visit our fair. Current students participate in the fair for our schools to provide their firsthand perspectives. Save both time and money on several campus visits by attending our fair.


Our Boarding School Fair believes in results. We will work with you to create a suggested pathway for your child to ensure that they are able to get accepted into the school that matches them best.


Speak directly with representatives from schools and get answers to the pressing questions you have about any topic. For example, learn how each school is adapting to COVID-19 to protect your child.


With over 45 schools typically in attendance, the fair boasts a wide variety, including co-ed, all-girls, and all-boys schools offering spaces for students at different education levels and age groups.


We deliver results.

Bedi Walker believes in each of the 600+ students he’s helped get accepted into boarding schools abroad. Don’t just take his word for it. Look at what some of what past students and fellow parents have to say about the results that the conference gave them.

Boarding Schools Acceptance Rate: 100%

Lauren Delapenha, Past Student.

Life Changing Experience.

"Mr. Walker is a rare find. He helped my brother and me with our boarding school placements years ago, and I still remember his thoughtfulness and professionalism while doing so. Mr. Walker genuinely cared. Not only did he strategize our applications to some of the highest-ranked schools in the US, but he also curated our school lists for the best fit. He made sure we applied to schools that equipped us to flourish both scholastically and socially because he took the time to understand our particular academic potential, goals, and personalities.


The intellectual exposure I received in my boarding school not only prepared me for college, but has also continued to shape my personal and professional interests to this day.

Having worked in boarding schools in a variety of roles, Mr. Walker also brought a unique level of insight to the advising process. He offered insider's advice on admissions and school life that would have been difficult to acquire otherwise. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


Judith Denton, 
Proud Mother,

shares her experience.

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