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Bedi Walker

North American  Boarding School Fair 2024

Bedi Walker

North American  Boarding School Fair 2024

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A Conference You Can’t Afford To Miss.

The annual Bedi Walker Boarding School Fair  is an amazing opportunity for Caribbean parents and high-school students to meet and chat one-on-one with boarding schools from the USA and Canada.

The benefits to attending include:

  • FREE for students and parents to attend each event

  • Meet and chat one-on-one with schools from the USA & Canada

  • Find the best programs & need-based financial aid for your child

The best part? Registration is completely free!


Real Experiences, Real Insights.

Get a glimpse into these parents' experiences working with Bedi.

Bedi's expertise in the U.S. education system was pivotal in placing their children into the best boarding school for them.


Join us at the annual Bedi Walker Boarding School Fair, where you can explore diverse schools and connect with experienced advisors!

With 600 students and 600 unique stories, what will your story be?

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Connecting you - wherever you are!

We have just the event that will allow you to see the presenters up close and personal and give you the chance to meet them free of cost. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Save the date!

North American Boarding School Fair 2024 - Bridgetown, Barbados

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What Parents & Students Have Said


45+ schools from the USA & Canada

The conference consists of prestigious boarding schools from all over the USA and Canada. Join us and network with officials representing each school and see what it takes to compete in the educational market abroad.



Over the years, Bedi Walker, through this Annual School Boarding Fair, has connected Caribbean families with top American schools with a deep focus on ensuring that each student thrives in their location. Don't miss this chance to make your next step, your best step.


Registration is free. Sign up today.

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