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Tara Abrahams-Clivio



14 October 2014

Originally From

Kingston, Jamaica

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1 child placed

Tara Abrahams-Clivio

What they shared

The idea of sending your child to Boarding School is a daunting one. In Jamaica there are only a few schools, and chances are you probably went to one of the schools you would consider for your child. American boarding schools offer a whole new world of opportunity and with it, a massive learning curve. Michael (Bedi) Walker helped us navigate this exciting but sometimes overwhelming experience. With the future of my child hinging in the balance, being able to run things by Bedi was both helpful and calming. As for my daughter, Bedi gave her the added boost that she could do this, and soon there was no turning back.

As Bedi got to know my daughter, with his first hand experience of the schools’ personalities we were guided to what seems so far, as a really good fit. Dropping my daughter off at Boarding school was one of the hardest things I have done as a mother, but when I see how engaged she is and have had a taste of the educational experience she is having, and seen how happy she is with her new life, it is probably one of the best things I have done as a mother.


Over the years, Bedi Walker, through this Annual School Boarding Fair, has connected Caribbean families with top American schools with a deep focus on ensuring that each student thrives in their location. Don't miss this chance to make your next step, your best step.


Registration is free. Sign up today.

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