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Milton Academy

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Milton Academy

170 Centre St, Milton, MA 02186, USA


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Milton Academy

Welcome to Milton Academy.

We are delighted to share Milton with you. You'll find that students at Milton are friendly, happy, and completely engaged with their work and their many activities. As one student told me, "I love the balance of this place. Academic standards are very high and we work tremendously hard, but we definitely have fun and laugh along the way." He is right. At Milton, you'll find a powerful, challenging academic experience together with a warm, supportive environment. You'll work in small classes, with skilled, caring faculty to develop your analytical skills, your perspectives, your creativity and your awareness. The power of the Milton experience grows out of remarkable relationships. Our teachers, coaches, house heads, advisors and friends get to know students well. They will inspire you, involve you and help you find out who you really are. Milton students love how different we all are: what our families and our backgrounds bring to the School community, and how the talents around us make our community so exciting. After immersing themselves in Milton's opportunities, in and out of the classroom, Milton students graduate with the confidence in themselves and the competence to succeed at the most selective colleges and universities in the country. Beyond these further academic pursuits, "Dare to be true" is the idea Milton graduates never lose; they apply their spirit, skills and commitment to meaningful professions of all kinds. My family roots in Milton's history and my career in independent schools have led me to an abiding respect for Milton's academic strength and vibrant educational environment. Helping the School community fulfill Milton's mission—to cultivate a love of learning and a respect for others, to embrace diversity and the pursuit of excellence—is a commitment I eagerly undertake. I am happy to be engaged in the full life of an extraordinary school. We hope to have the chance to meet you in person very soon. Come visit and learn first hand why students at Milton love their School, and feel the respect and support among students and faculty. We invite you to share Milton with us.


What to expect at Milton

Being smart and interested is easy, fun and normal; everyone around you is motivated, too. Learning is discussion-based, not lecture-based; intense conversation in the classroom makes the class exciting. You make connections and discoveries you never imagined. Your teachers look for analysis, critical thinking, expressing ideas; they help you achieve these skills. You'll develop your own point of view, and you'll learn to respect others' differing points of view. You have your own advisor. One advisor counsels you and a small group of other students throughout your Milton years; guides your course selection; keeps in touch with your academic and social progress; is your family's liaison to the School; and acts as your resource and advocate. You'll be prepared to take AP tests, even if the course is not labeled AP. In fact, many upper level courses are more challenging and rewarding than AP curricula. Teachers are ready and willing to help you outside of class; students visit faculty in the dorms and call faculty at home for help. Faculty get to know you well—who you are and what you care about; you'll want to meet their high expectations of you. Your courses are not limited to the texts; readings and discussions go beyond the textbooks, and teachers respond to what students are interested in. Your art teachers are artists, in and outside of school; your music teachers are musicians; your English teachers are writers; your drama teachers are performers, set designers, and directors, and so forth. All your teachers are scholars in their fields, and they love to teach. Everyone here works hard, but they have a lot of fun, too. Students will tell you that they and their friends are really happy, and thatlife here is collaborative, not competitive. Our proximity to Boston is a unique and important feature to our School. Only eight miles away, the city offers so many opportunities for fun and for learning. You won't just become prepared for college—you'll develop the skills that help you become prepared for life. Your learning is more about process than outcomes, more about balance than stress. (For example, you're only allowed a certain number of major assignments due each week.) You can be involved in a lot of different activities here. Many students try something new that they've never done before, and that's encouraged. Or, you can take the thing you love to the max. You're given a lot of unstructured time (increasingly so, as you get older), but you also have a lot of support. Your friends, the upperclassmen in your dorm, your peers, and your teachers want to help you. We're a big school, but with a small feel. Your classrooms have about 14 students in them. Everyone is part of the action. Options are plentiful, and choices are important. Students run their lives and their days according to what they like to do. You'll go to class, but then you'll choose your afternoon activities, and spend that time the way you want to.



Through interscholastic and intramural sports as well as physical education courses, all Milton students are involved in physically active and challenging pursuits that help form an exceptional educational experience. Athletic activity is certainly an expression of one form of intelligence, an intelligence that needs to be developed and nurtured, as does any other. For the athlete interested in interscholastic play, Milton offers three levels of competition in several sports. At all levels, experienced coaches guide our athletes, often coming straight from the classroom to the field. We help individuals and teams improve, while also providing the framework for the personal growth that comes from competition and teamwork. Milton competes in the Independent School League (ISL), which includes 16 independent schools and enjoys a long and powerful athletic tradition. Member schools are based in Greater Boston, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Games take place across all three seasons. The ISL is best known for ice hockey, arguably the strongest hockey league in the country, but also provides great competition in soccer, field hockey, football, squash, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, track and several other sports. Milton offers interscholastic competition beyond the ISL as well, in sailing and swimming. Students also have the opportunity to learn skills in a variety of sports through our intramural program and physical education courses. Our emphasis is on physical activity, participation, teamwork and fun.


The Arts

Milton students say that one of their favorite activities is watching their friends perform. Whether it’s harmonizing with the Miltones or Octet a capella groups, choreographing for one of the dance concerts, exhibiting self-portraits in Pieh Commons, or playing the title role in Antigone, Milton students are engaged in their art, and art energizes the campus every day. The foundational work in music, performance and visual arts happens in the classroom, guided by caring and talented faculty. Milton art also extends beyond the classroom walls to many venues both on and off-campus. Milton arts faculty believe that all students can be artists. They believe art is about personal growth and process, and that creative thinking, self-expression, and encountering the challenges of an art form empower students to be creative and confident in all areas of life. In Milton’s arts program, students experience intense individual attention and coaching along with exhilarating team experiences. They spend hours with dedicated adults who use a wide range of teaching and directing skills, who bring to bear diverse and respected talents, who set the highest standards for students’ performance, and who honor each student’s contribution.


Student Activities

Nothing to do this weekend? Think again.

Who plans activities?

Students plan weekend life at Milton. The Student Activities Association (SAA), assisted by the director of student activities, plans events on campus and in Boston for all students. Boarding and day students often play at carnivals on the East Campus quad, laugh at college comedy improv teams, watch a game at Fenway Park or dress up for the masquerade ball. The students' favorite activity is watching classmates perform—in the many plays, concerts (jazz and classical) and dance events. They're an audience any performer would envy. Between athletic contests on Saturdays and evening activities planned by and for students, the Milton campus is a busy, well-lit center of life all week long.

How We Have Fun

  • Entertainment from hypnotists
  • Lots of dances—for Homecoming and Swap-It, dances sponsored by ONYX, and the Boat Dance on Boston Harbor Cruises
  • Outdoor movies and S’mores on the Quad
  • Trips to mini-golf, laser tag, bowling and snow tubing
  • T-shirt tie dying
  • Dodge ball tournaments in the ACC
  • Vans every weekend to Target and the South Shore Plaza, and surprise trips to the movie theater, Starbucks and the Ice Cream Smith
  • Open Houses in each of the dorms, with theme parties
  • Buses to see theatre shows in Boston
  • Big Money Bingo
  • Improv Night, with live entertainment from classmates
  • Salsa dance lessons
  • A fall festival with candy apples, popcorn, and pumpkin painting
  • Watching friends play in weekend games, or perform in plays and concerts
  • Buses to the college football games
  • Culturefest—with food, music and activities, from all over the world
  • Beatnik Café open-mic nights, and the outdoor Beatstock in the spring
  • A capella night
  • Movies and snacks sponsored by student groups on campus
  • Senior Showcase Talent Show
  • Gospel Explosion concert
  • “Hoops for Haiti” fundraisers
  • Rock Band and Guitar Hero competitions


Living at Milton

Milton is an academically rigorous school, and it is also a nurturing one. Students experience this important balance between the head and heart as members of Milton’s century-old boarding program. A diverse group of 325 students live in eight, single-sex residential “houses” that are family-style and intimate.

Family style is best.

  • Milton houses include all four grades.
  • Students live in the same house for their entire time at Milton.
  • Living with older and younger “siblings” ensures role models, support, a sense of belonging and plenty of affection.
  • Faculty families—complete with pets—are connected to every house.
  • Dedicated, experienced house faculty carefully "parent" their students.
  • House structure and rules support the developmental needs of teenagers.
  • House size ranges from 31 to 48 students.
  • Rooming options: singles, doubles and triples.
  • Family-style dining with the residential faculty occurs three evenings a week.
  • Proctored study halls each night
  • Study help and advice from faculty and older students
  • Ecumenical Chapel service each Sunday about ethical and spiritual concerns.
  • Valuable communication between students and trusted adults about issues in young people’s lives
  • Best of all, students can stay connected to home, thanks to telephone and email access in every dormitory
  • Ties with adults are strong and continuous.
  • Each house is small and intimate, with a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:4.
  • Students benefit from 24-hour-a-day guidance from adults they know from the classroom, arts and sports.
  • Each house faculty member serves as academic and personal advisor to a small group of students in the house.
  • House heads provide leadership and a stable, nurturing tone for each house and lay the groundwork for a close-knit community in the house.
  • New student orientation helps students get to know each other and appreciated cultural differences. It also offers guidance on time management, technology and campus resources.


Our students answer:

“What kind of students would be happy living at Milton?”
  • Open-minded
  • Curious
  • Willing to work hard
  • Tolerant
  • Ready to find out who you are
  • Willing to be true to themselves
  • “What have you gained from living at Milton?”

New perspectives and ideas

  • Connections with adults I admire
  • Learning how to get along with others, and how to decide what’s important
  • Responsibility, independence and confidence
  • Best friendships in the world
  • Getting to know people with amazing talents
  • Chance to learn new skills, like acting or wrestling


Clubs & Organizations

We believe that the quality of life outside the classroom is important in shaping the overall educational experience of each student. With this in mind, Milton offers a broad range of clubs and activities that provide opportunities for leadership, teamwork, performance and service. We also encourage students to experience many different cultures. As Milton students take advantage of the broad extracurricular program, they learn about the time commitments necessary to participate in a club or advocacy group. With the help of their advisors, students make responsible, productive choices in pursuing their own learning outside the classroom.  

Special Interest Clubs

  • A/V (Audio/Visual) Club
  • Arts Board
  • Model UN
  • Improv Club
  • Debate Team
  • Film Club
  • Meditation Club
  • Investment Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Hip-Hop Club
  • Young Philosophers
  • Outdoor Program
  • Speech Team
  • Robotics Team

Cultural Groups

  • Asian Society
  • SIMA (Students Interested in Middle Eastern Affairs)
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Common Ground
  • French Club
  • GASP! (Gay and Straight People)
  • Gender Equity
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Latino Association
  • Caribbean Club
  • ONYX (African-American culture)
  • Multiracial Experience Club


Campus and Community Service

  • AIDS Board
  • Amnesty International
  • Reach to Teach
  • Community Service
  • Individual Student Support (advanced peer counseling)
  • Lorax (environmental organization)
  • S.O.S. (students opposing stress)
  • Orange and Blue Key tour guide program
  • Peer counseling
  • Public Issues Board (current events educators and programmers)
  • Rangers (student technology assistants)
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
  • Sustainability Board
  • World Health Organization (WHO)


Student Publications

  • The Asian (cultural periodical)
  • Ache (celebrating diverse cultures)
  • Mille-Tonnes (French newspaper)
  • Helix (science magazine)
  • La Voz (Spanish newspaper)
  • Magus-Mabus (literary magazine)
  • Milton Measure (biweekly paper)
  • Milton Paper (weekly paper)


Leadership Opportunities

  • Athletic Association
  • Boarding Council
  • Day Council
  • Self-Governing Association
  • Student Activities Association

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