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Forman School

Forman School

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Forman School

12 Norfolk Rd, Litchfield, CT 06759, USA


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Forman School

About Forman
“The environment in which adolescents find themselves has a profound influence on their maturity and self-worth. A school with spirit and good teachers can affect eternity in a young person’s life."
~John Forman, founder
Empowering Bright Students Who Learn Differently
Forman School is a college-preparatory boarding and day school with a vital purpose: to deliver an unparalleled education for students with learning differences to empower them to succeed in college and throughout their lives.
Forman is for students in grades 9 through 12 (plus Post Graduate) who are bright and academically motivated. They have been diagnosed with dyslexia, other language-based learning disabilities, executive function difficulties, or attention deficits that have created challenges for them in the past. At Forman, we embrace different learning styles, address the challenges head-on, and tailor learning to fit the unique needs of each student. The results are students who are happy, engaged, and successful.
Individualized learning
Students learn from faculty who have extensive professional training in teaching students with learning differences. And learning at Forman is as individualized as a student’s fingerprints.
  • A designated specialist helps each student build a personal learning toolkit with essentials for success.
  • We adapt research-proven learning strategies to individual student needs.
  • Classes are small, so we can deliver the kind of personal attention that’s necessary for progress.
  • Evening tutors provide academic support in content areas.
  • Our campus life program offers a wide array of activities so students can explore personal passions—or discover new ones.
  • A carefully planned Postgraduate Program gives students with learning differences the advantage of an extra year focused on developing the academic, advocacy, and life skills they need for success in college.
  • Our four week summer program focuses on helping students understand how they learn and giving them access to strategies and advocacy skills that will serve them well in the next school year.
A leader in helping students who learn differently
When Forman was founded in 1930, the School quickly became a trailblazer in the education of students with learning differences. We remain a leader today, involved in pioneering work to broaden understanding of learning and cognition, and to transform the lives of those who learn differently.
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