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The Winchendon School

The Winchendon School

The Winchendon School

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The Winchendon School

172 Ash St, Winchendon, MA 01475, USA


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The Winchendon School

The Winchendon School provides college-bound students of good character and promise with the essential study skills and learning strategies that propel each student to achieve academic success.The Winchendon School is a private coeducational boarding school for grades 9-12, located in Winchendon, MA.The Winchendon difference: 1. Our very small classes create better opportunities for you to learn 2. Constant feedback provides you information that you need to do your best 3. You will receive 2-3x more teacher attention and support 4. You will get more support and help when you need and want it 5. Global Dynamics – It’s groundbreaking, it’s important, and it’s fun 6. Your ideas are important 7. Winchendon’s teams successfully compete at the highest level in many sports 8. We make time for both arts and sports 9. Hard work is important, and so is hard play 10. You will learn the skills and habits that will be key to your success
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