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Ridley College

Ridley College

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Ridley College

2 Ridley Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C3, Canada


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Ridley College

The Boarding Experience

Friendships are deeper.  Learning is more fun.  Students live and learn with others whose backgrounds may be very different from their own. Every Ridleian belongs to one of the ten Houses of Ridley.  For all students, being a part of one of these Houses is an exciting, all encompassing experience.  It is so much more than where you sleep; rather, it is your home base, your network of support, and the very fabric of our school life. Regardless of whether or you are a Junior, 5 or 7 night Boarder, or a Day Student, you will ultimately become a part of a larger group of students connected through friendship and opportunity. Joining Ridley means so much more than being a member of a school.  It means being a part of a community that sets students on their way to finding the great contribution they can make in this world.  


Ridley's Academic philosophy is aligned with the school's motto: TERAR DUM PROSIM - "May I be consumed in service". The Academic Programme plays a significant role in engaging the genius within each student so that he/she can function effectively and gracefully in the wider world. The school's motto can only truly be realized when we grow up self-confident learners who have a sense of their mission in this world and who can use their passion (genius) to serve the needs of others.  

The Sport for Life Program

Sport is an integral part of the fabric of the Ridley community. It will always be an expectation at Ridley that physical fitness and active participation are a crucial part of student life. To that end, we have developed the Sport for Life program, targeted at students who may not be inclined to vie for a spot on a competitive team. The program is made up of sports in which one could easily continue to participate for a lifetime, such as sailing, fencing, curling, badminton, and martial arts. Sport for Life is designed to provide daily physical activity while exposing students to a variety of athletic pursuits in a recreational atmosphere.  

Campus Life

Ridley College is a vibrant and busy place, where every student finds his or her niche quickly. Throughout the year, each student is encouraged to achieve his or her academic potential assisted by our dedicated faculty.  He or she is also given the opportunity to take part in athletics, the arts, and leadership, and to live and interact within our highly respected house system. Both the Upper School boarding and day students are directly associated with a Residential House. The houses at Ridley are very unique but all are run by highly motivated and dedicated Head of House. All faculty members are associated with our House system, which allows for the student body to interact with them outside of the classroom. The comprehensive Residential Life Curriculum fosters a community of personal growth and the achievement of personal life skills. This aspect of the Ridley education results in a student body that understands and believes in themselves, having developed “wellness for life”. In this way, the Ridley College education is not just about gaining the knowledge of facts, but also the knowledge of core values and life skills. In order to achieve the best possible residential experience, a varied weekend program is planned for the students on campus, who benefit immensely from taking part in these programs. Ridley College sets a benchmark of excellence for boarding and day schools and we are proud of our accomplishments. We welcome you to actively participate in this great school.  

Residential Life

The mission of Ridley's residential life program is to prepare each student to live a life of integrity, independence, empathy, and service. The residential life program offers students at all developmental stages a safe, supportive, healthy, and values-based community. Through the teaching curriculum, life-skills training program, and the mentoring model, students learn to live independently.  

Tiger Nutrition

Healthy eating and a healthy relationship with food is an important component of life within a boarding school. Ridley provides a selection of healthy foods served within the Great Hall and Williams Hall, and meals are mandatory for boarding students. The menu is varied and nutritious and almost all students with special dietary needs can be served from the daily menu. Vegetarian entrees are offered at lunch and supper. Fresh fruit is made available outside the Great Hall at recess during the weekday.  

Student Leadership

Ridley College is committed to the leadership of every student. In Upper School starting at the grade nine level, the students are involved in the Green Star Programme. The philosophy behind this leadership programme is to encourage the students to become a cohesive group and to develop solid leadership potential. Green Star is a mandatory first term activity for all grade nine and new grade ten students. After Green Star the students are encouraged to participate in Red, Silver, Gold Star, which expands on the leadership potential of candidates. Prefectship is regarded as the most challenging, yet rewarding form of leadership here at Ridley College. The Prefects role is to be the voice of the student body, to be visible, approachable, encourage and foster school spirit, establish a positive tone and set a solid example in reference to student conduct and to organize events for the entire student body. The younger and less mature students are going to look up to the School Prefect for guidance in all areas of school life. The Prefects meet once a week during the school year with the Assistant Head, Student Affairs and the Headmaster. School Prefects are visible within the Houses and around the school and students are encouraged to seek these leaders out for advice and guidance. Cadets is a significant aspect of leadership here at Ridley. During the third term several senior level students take on a significant role in leading the Ridley College Cadet Corps. This involves overseeing the weekly marching exercises, which lead up to the annual Cadet Inspection in mid-May. Grade 8 students are also responsible for leading the Lower School in the same marching routines as Upper School. The aim of the Cadet movement is to provide training for citizenship, to encourage discipline and teamwork and to offer an invaluable opportunity for leadership. There is no commitment to the Regular or Reserve Forces. The Duke of Ed. Award is a major leadership programme here at Ridley. It involves self development, team work, service, satisfaction and leadership initiatives. Numerous students have signed up for Bronze, Silver and Gold over the past few years and in June 2010 students earned distinction at all three levels - Bronze Award: 1 Silver Award: 13 Gold Award: 6. Student confidence levels, as a result of these trips, have increased greatly. Thus students are more confident to take on leadership roles they never thought possible before. The Duke of Ed. forces students to work with their peers and solve issues during the outdoor adventures that are really life skills. These skills can then be translated back to the Ridley environment in a proactive fashion. There are a number of Portfolios run by students to create a leadership difference within the school. The goal was to involve students from all grades within our leadership model. It is the role of the School Prefect to run these portfolios and each group includes House Captains, student representatives from each grade and a faculty advisor(s). School Prefects, in conjunction with the faculty advisor, are asked to put forth goals and a working plan surrounding each portfolio. Students then work within each portfolio and gain valuable experience in running and working on committees. These Portfolios include the following: Residential Life, Arts, Athletics, Activities, History, School Spirit and Green Tiger.
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