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Pomfret School

Pomfret School

Pomfret School

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Pomfret School

Pomfret St, Pomfret, CT 06258, USA


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Pomfret School

Our Heritage

Founded in 1894, Pomfret School is an independent coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school for 350 students in grades 9 through 12 and postgraduates. Set on a stunning 500-acre campus in Northeastern Connecticut and brought to life by an exceptional faculty, Pomfret offers a rich and rewarding experience for students from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Through a rigorous and engaging education, a commitment to service beyond self, and numerous opportunities for personal growth in academic, athletic, artistic, and residential settings, students emerge as ethical and active citizens of the world.  

Vision of the Graduate

Pomfret School develops students who are:
  • Disciplined and Multifaceted Learners – asking relevant questions, pursuing interests and obligations with determination, reflecting on success, and developing resilience from failure;
  • Collaborative and Empathic Leaders – working effectively with others in a variety of contexts and a diversity of cultures;
  • Critical Thinkers – pursuing, interpreting, and synthesizing information with a critical eye;
  • Creative Problem-Solvers – producing innovative and original ideas and solutions, whether for the marketplace or the human race;
  • Effective Communicators – conveying the essence of a situation with purpose, clarity, and poise;
  • Respectful and Ethical Citizens – conducting themselves with integrity, compassion, and responsibility.

Learning Principles

At Pomfret, learning:
  • Is student-centered, relevant, and meaningful;
  • Values diversity in thought, perspective, and expression;
  • Engages not just the mind and the brain, but the heart and the spirit;
  • Happens within a variety of contexts and through multiple instructional approaches;
  • Requires appropriate levels of rigor and challenge to foster growth and develop mastery.

Academic Programs

At Pomfret, you will find a school where teamwork is valued alongside rigorous competition – in the classroom, in the art studios, and on the athletic fields. You will be challenged in all areas while gaining personal attention from faculty. At the same time you will have the opportunity to earn your independence and evolve as a strong individual. You will gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in higher education and in this ever-evolving world, while at the same time become part of the extraordinary Pomfret community.   Pomfret Students:
  • Identify, pursue, and perfect their unique talents;
  • Take ownership of their education, set challenging yet realistic goals and acquire the skills to achieve them;
  • Learn to communicate effectively through spoken, written, visual and artistic means;
  • Learn to think critically, creatively, and globally;
  • Gain and apply a strong foundation for work at the collegiate level and beyond;
  • Develop an appreciation for diverse cultures, faiths, worldviews, and perspectives;
  • Dare to fail, strive to excel, and stretch their limits;
  • Develop the confidence to lead;
  • Champion excellence and perpetuate the positive climate of the school.

The Arts at Pomfret!

Creativity and self-expression are essential components to a Pomfret School education and the Arts Department is uniquely placed in both the academic and co-curricular life of the school. We offer courses and programs in painting and drawing, sculpture and ceramics, photography, music, theatre, and dance. We also offer performance opportunities in theater, dance, and music in all terms-- fall, winter and spring. With over fifty electives designed to awaken and challenge every student’s desire to create, the Arts Department is guided by practicing artists who love to teach. The artistic work of our students is an integral part of our community and every Pomfret student is involved through our programs. So if you are accomplished artist or want to explore new ways of expressing yourself, you’ll find a place to grow and thrive at Pomfret.  

Athletic Program

At Pomfret participation in the athletic program is important, for it contributes to the total growth of students. Pomfret requires all students to participate in the athletic program at a level consistent with ability. Our rigorous program strives to teach students how to work well with others, to test themselves mentally and physically, and to exhibit sportsmanship and fair play. All athletic practices and games are considered school obligations.   Expectations In the fall term, all new students must be involved in an Interscholastic Team Sport, Theater, or Outdoor Adventure. Although efforts will be made to assist each student in meeting his or her three-sport athletic requirement, there may be times when exceptions are necessary due to limited space or full rosters. These exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Athletic Director in consultation with the student’s advisor.
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