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Indian Mountain School

Indian Mountain School

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Indian Mountain School

211 Indian Mountain Rd, Lakeville, CT 06039, USA


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Indian Mountain School

Indian Mountain School provides a traditional education for boys and girls from pre-kindergarten through grade nine in a boarding and day environment. We promote moral growth and personal academic excellence in a setting that fosters a respect for learning, the environment, and each other. We celebrate our international and culturally diverse community. We guide and challenge students through balanced elementary and middle school scholastic, athletic, and arts curricula, combining instruction and coaching with a system of personal support. We involve students in our Adventure Education and community service programs, which tie into the spirit of IMS. We help our students gain confidence in their own innate abilities and develop the necessary academic and personal skills to be successful in secondary education. A well-defined and articulated set of values--honesty, compassion, respect, and service--is at the heart of Indian Mountain School.   At Indian Mountain School, energetic and innovative faculty foster each child’s natural inquisitiveness and encourage the kind of risk-taking that enables young people to become critical thinkers, confident students, and responsible citizens. Through a rigorous, well-developed academic program, students build knowledge in each discipline and gain the organizational and study skills that provide the best possible foundation for the demands of secondary school and college. With the extensive interaction and individualized instruction that are the hallmarks of an IMS education, students with exceptional talent are always challenged, and those with challenges are always supported. Classes are small, generally 10 to 12 students, with a 4:1 teacher to student ratio. Writing, public speaking, research, and critical analysis skills are integral components of the English, history, foreign language, and science programs at all grade levels. Mathematics is highly tailored, with the option to advance through Algebra II. Personal attention, close supervision, and frequent communication with students and parents are key as students learn to be active and responsible participants in their own education.   The joy of middle schoolers learning to play football or lacrosse. The gifted skier who is able to work with a former Alpine racer. The varsity hockey or soccer team celebrating a winning season. Athletics at Indian Mountain School is a bonding experience that builds teamwork, friendships, spirit, confidence, and the ability to win or lose with grace. Our student athletes are strong inside and out no matter what their beginning skill level. The athletics program at IMS reflects the school’s valued traditions of fair play, cooperation, sportsmanship, and love of the game. Talented and motivated coaches work closely with each student to enhance the educational experience and improve self-discipline, respect, communication skills, and collaboration. All students participate in athletics throughout the year, choosing from a variety of teams and competitive levels, and enjoying an extensive range of athletic and recreational facilities. IMS faculty get to know their students and their strengths on a deeper level by serving as their coaches and mentors as well as their teachers. Being a student athlete at IMS is an integral part of the creativity, energy, and growth that enables each child to flourish at IMS and beyond.   The sun-filled ensemble room resounds with the music of the violin virtuoso as well as the next generation of lead guitarists. Budding filmmakers and actors work with accomplished film actors and directors in the annual film festival. Student sculpture, pottery, and paintings abound, many rich with global themes. The arts at Indian Mountain School inspire students to bring creativity, passion, vision, and a sense of wonder and possibility to everything they do. The arts are an essential part of every student’s course of study. A stellar faculty of gifted artists and performers guides students in exploring new themes and developing their own creative passions. While the atmosphere is intentionally filled with levity and fun, productivity and expressiveness are both encouraged and expected. Strong, highly individualized programs in film, drama, studio arts, and musicfoster the spirit of imagination. As students find their voice and their vision, they gain the confidence to embrace new experiences in any field. Many graduates have discovered a lifelong passion and gone on to advanced study and careers in the arts.   Leading by example as a dorm prefect, team captain, or Special Olympics volunteer...Finding the courage to perform an original composition onstage or traverse the ropes course...Becoming best friends with a roommate from another country...Sharing traditions such as Mountain Day and Winter Carnival with the whole IMS community.  Living and learning at Indian Mountain fosters far more than intellectual growth. Only two hours by train from New York City, the serene expanse of the IMS campus is the perfect setting for children to explore a wide range of opportunities and interests, always with the close support of caring adults. Home to boarding students from grades six through nine and many faculty members, IMS is a vibrantly strong community that embraces all kinds of families and makes all students welcome. A carefully nurtured sense of acceptance and responsibility and a genuine joy in learning unite students from age four to fourteen, from a variety of backgrounds, whether they are on campus for the day or live at IMS.



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