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IMG Academy

5500 34th St W, Bradenton, FL 34210, USA


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IMG Academy

The Academy

Our sports academy offers the chance to improve your athletic performance and play the game as never before. Whether you’re young or young at heart, a novice or a pro, explore our summer camps, weekend programs and year-round sports academies – and get the sports training you need to play at the top of your game. Set over 450 pristine acres in Bradenton, Florida, IMG Academy features programs throughout the year in tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, football, and athletic & personal development. Options include a weekend's worth of lessons, one week, multiple weeks, or an entire summer of athletic advancement with some of the industry's top coaches and trainers. For juniors, the mix of passionate student-athletes from around the world makes for an energetic training atmosphere, while group trips to many of Florida's famous vacation amenities only add to the fun. A wide variety of camps and programs makes it easy to find the perfect time, length, and type for what you want to accomplish. For adults, an on-campus spa and nearby, first-class dining and entertainment options make your stay productive and enjoyable. Whether you want intense, high-level instruction or are just looking to pick up some tips while escaping for an energetic vacation, IMG Academy has a place for all devoted athletes! Since our start, IMG Academy has trained athletes that have won 131 All Stars, 63 MVP Awards, 22 World Championships, 5 National Titles, 2 Heisman Trophies, 889 Tournaments, 107 Major Championships and 11 Olympic Medals.  

Our Values

Dedicated to helping individuals realize their true potential, IMG Academy offers innovative, comprehensive, and specialized training programs. With expert instruction, a proven training methodology, professional-grade facilities and a challenging and motivating learning environment that brings together individuals of all ages and backgrounds, IMG Academy provides the ultimate foundation for future success. We strive to develop the next generation of champions, leaders and influencers. The inherent design of the ascender is to imply that we are always reaching, forever striving, and never satisfied. The five peaks define who we are and capture the spirit of what we hope to achieve.  

The Experience

Combining world-class sports instruction & training, elite academics and comprehensive athletic & personal development programs in a collegiate-style environment, IMG Academy instills in student-athletes the confidence and drive to face the rigors of college life. While the high school average for sending graduates to Division I athletic programs is less than 3%, in the last four graduating classes, 60% of our student-athletes have committed to a Division I university. ... and 98% of our graduating students attend college while 2% traditionally turn pro.  

Specialized Training

No two athletes are the same, so no two training programs should be the same. At IMG Academy, we help you progress in the area in which you feel you need the most improvement. With specialized instruction and programs, low athlete-to-coach ratios and an encouraging learning environment, every athlete gets the level of attention required to improve their skill.  

Campus Spirit and Fun

The motivating energy that exists on campus is something that has to be felt in person. The daily buzz of hundreds of athletes in multiple sports provides an inspiration and competitive vibe unlike anywhere in the world. Because it’s a camp, you should have fun! We offer nightly on-campus events like movie nights or trivia competitions, plus weekly off-campus trips to local beaches or amusement parks every week of the year.  


From the youth stage to the professional ranks, our sport instructors have experience coaching at every level. Each sport coaching staff also includes position- or technique- specific specialists who deliver expert instruction in their area of focus. Also, with renowned specialists in strength training, speed training, mental conditioning, nutrition, communication, vision and college planning and placement, the full IMG Academy staff represents nthe most knowledgeable and successful in the industry.  

Global Atmosphere

Last year alone, athletes from more than 80 nations trained at IMG Academy, creating an inspiring environment that promotes understanding and learning of new cultures and languages. It’s not uncommon for our campers to make lifelong friends from all around the world.  


The Tampa Bay area averages approximately 260 days of sunshine per year. Our nearby beaches are annually honored as some of the best in the world. IMG Academy is the ideal year-round training location.  

Pro Athletes

Imagine strolling through campus and seeing a Grand Slam-winning tennis player, a Heisman Trophy-winning football player, an NBA All-Star, or a Major League MVP training at the same facilities as yourself and in full view. For more than 30 years, IMG Academy has had a hand in building champions, and many of them train here seasonally and in between competition to maintain their peak form.  

Our Facilities

IMG Academy is one of the best athletic training environments in the world. Professional-quality facilities and immaculately maintained fields/surfaces are the standard on our nearly 500-acre campus, to ensure that there is no letdown in training. It is the type of environment previously only utilized by pro athletes, but is now accessible to IMG Academy students, campers, and trainees. Multi-Sport Complex The new multi-sport complex at IMG Academy provides athletes a state-of-the-art environment to train and perform at their highest level. The complex opened in August 2013. Gatorade Sports Science Institute IMG Academy and Gatorade – both pioneers in their respective fields – have partnered in helping athletes along their journey to become the Total Athlete.  
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