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Hill School

Hill School

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Hill School

717 E High St, Pottstown, PA 19464, USA



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Hill School

The Hill School prepares students from across the world for success in college, careers, and life. Founded in 1851, The Hill School is a purposefully small and close learning community— a place where our academic excellence is based upon a challenging liberal arts curriculum; a faculty of highly qualified, dedicated teachers; a noteworthy breadth of advanced and honors course offerings; and a structured atmosphere that blends high expectations with meaningful support. COMMUNITY. The Hill School is an exceptionally close learning community, a place where faculty and students treat each other as family – where teachers know and care for their students as individuals and students form lifelong friendships. Purposefully smaller than most peer schools, The Hill originally was known as "The Family Boarding School," and today's diverse students, parents, alumni, and visitors continue to cite Hill's definitive feeling of family. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. The Hill School’s reputation for academic excellence is based upon a challenging liberal arts curriculum taught by highly qualified, dedicated teachers. Intellectual growth is cultivated through a noteworthy breadth of advanced and honors course offerings. MEANINGFUL, BALANCED STRUCTURE. The Hill School provides meaningful, balanced structure in a supportive atmosphere where shared community expectations sharpen each student’s focus, promote personal responsibility, build self-confidence, and form the foundation for future achievement. Students’ leadership and time management skills are further developed through high-caliber extracurricular options. PRINCIPLES. The Hill School values and nurtures principles of honesty and genuineness, courtesy and respect, and gratitude and concern for the greater good. At The Hill, character is not so much taught as subtly lived, as represented in the School's revered motto, "Whatsoever things are true.” HISTORY AND TRADITIONS. The Hill School is proud of its history and traditions, unique 160-year-old threads that connect the quality of Hill's past with the vigor and excellence of its future.
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