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Episcopal School

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Episcopal School

1200 N Quaker Ln, Alexandria, VA 22302, USA


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Episcopal School

Our Mission

Founded on a tradition of honor and the pursuit of self-discovery, Episcopal High School engages students in a challenging college preparatory education. The School fosters empathy and responsibility for self and others through a commitment to spiritual inquiry and growth in a fully residential community. Students are encouraged to think creatively, work collaboratively, develop individual passions, and celebrate the talents of others. Sharing diverse life experiences, ideas, and values, students learn humility, resilience, and mutual respect. Through access to the educational and cultural resources of the nation's capital, students are inspired to understand and embrace a changing world. Together, faculty and students take initiative as informed citizens and environmental stewards. Episcopal strives to prepare young people to become discerning individuals with the intellectual and moral courage to lead principled lives of leadership and service to others.  

Learning on the Hill

Episcopal High School is a community where close connections between student and teacher flourish within the curriculum. Students join the faculty in pursuing questions, not simply answers; in discovering ideas, not merely facts; and in appreciating the journey, not solely the destination.  

Inspire and Engage

Episcopal aspires to graduate young men and women of integrity who will achieve their goals, serve the world, and persevere in the challenges of heart and mind. Students learn in small classes and actively participate in all classroom discussions. The School’s college preparatory curriculum requires that students take courses in English, foreign languages, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts, computer studies, and theology. To graduate, students must earn a minimum total of twenty-three credits in four years, including credits received for afternoon program activities. Our academic class day consists of seven periods. During that time, a student must take at least five courses. They can select an elective and still have time for a study period during the day.  

Boarding Life

Attending boarding school is a transformative experience rooted in self-discovery. Episcopal's extraordinary residential community provides the perfect setting for such an unparalleled educational experience. On Episcopal's 130-acre residential campus, students and faculty live in a setting that promotes the camaraderie of common experience and lifelong friendships. The tradition of the Episcopal Honor Code fosters a trust and respect for peers, mentors, and adults that endures for a lifetime.  

An Interdisciplinary Approach

As the only 100 percent residential boarding school near Washington, D.C., Episcopal High School brings the arts to life through visiting artists and by taking students to enjoy the numerous cultural resources of the nation’s capital. THAT WHICH DEFINES BEAUTY IS INTENSELY PERSONAL AND EVER CHANGING; THAT THE HUMAN SOUL LONGS FOR IT IS UNDENIABLE. THE NEED TO EXPERIENCE AND CREATE RESIDES IN THE HUMAN SPIRIT. IT IS OUR JOB AT EPISCOPAL TO HONOR THAT FUNDAMENTAL DESIRE BY UNCOVERING IT IN SOME AND NOURISHING IT IN ALL. The School’s Arts Department instills in students a lifelong commitment to the creative arts and the world of imagination. Through a common core of arts in the curriculum, extracurricular opportunities for developing individual talents, and a consistent exposure to DC’s rich cultural background, students work toward a comprehensive understanding of and appreciation for all the arts and develop the ability to communicate proficiently in at least one art form. Students who wish to focus their talents and energies toward serious training in the arts over four years are able to prepare for an arts major or studies at the college level. Knowledge and understanding of the arts through active participation and experience are vital to the development of student minds and values – inseparable from the rest of an Episcopal education.  


Episcopal High School is dedicated to the student’s pursuit of excellence and to the joy of learning and self-discovery in a caring and supportive community. Episcopal believes that physical exercise and conditioning are crucial to the health of every teenage boy and girl and that beginning the habits and routines of exercise at a young age is important to lifelong health. Physical activity is a key component in the Episcopal curriculum. In addition to exercise for the sake of health, EHS is committed to the values taught by athletic competition. Sportsmanship, self-discipline, and perseverance are often learned through interscholastic sports. Most importantly, Episcopal’s athletic teams provide an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect.  


Episcopal High School is proud of the behavior and sportsmanship displayed by its players, coaches, and supporters. We value healthy rivalry, encourage spirited and fair play, and appreciate positive support offered by spectators. Episcopal players, coaches, and fans represent themselves, their teams, and their School with pride and poise. We treat visiting teams and officials as guests, extending to them every courtesy. We are modest in victory and gracious in defeat.    
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