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EF Academy New York

EF Academy New York

EF Academy New York

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EF Academy New York

582 Columbus Ave, Thornwood, NY 10594, USA



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EF Academy New York

EF Academy is everything you might expect from a world-class boarding school, including modern facilities, gifted teachers, and a highly personalized approach to each student’s academic development. But what truly sets us apart is our mission. We are deeply committed to providing you with a first-rate education that offers endless opportunities in tomorrow’s globalized world, whatever your goals. Studying in our global classroom strongly promotes total fluency in English, academic excellence, and superior interpersonal communication skills. You don’t just learn about multiculturalism, you live it each and every day – in class, during after-school activities, around campus, and in the local community. Getting into the world’s best universities is an extremely competitive process. Thanks to our Global Curriculum, your multi–language skills and international travel will really make your university application stand out. Studying with us also helps you grow tremendously as a person and develop the skills necessary for success in an increasingly connected global economy. With an internationally recognized diploma followed by a world-class university degree, your career options are truly limitless. A world of opportunity awaits.

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