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Cushing Academy

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Welcome to Cushing! For 150 years, Cushing has transformed students as scholars, athletes, artists, and individuals who are endlessly curious and actively engaged in discovering new talents and interests. For example: Rigorous Academics: Our innovative curriculum prepares you well for college and life by emphasizing essential 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, and global awareness. While we are widely recognized as a leader in educational innovation — such as transforming our library into a digital learning center — our real strength is in the commitment of every teacher to the success of every student. As pioneers in Academic Support, Cushing meets students where they are and gives them a powerful toolkit for academic success at Cushing and beyond. Our internationally renowned ESL Program provides 360-degree support tailored to students' needs, preparing them to take full advantage of the curriculum. Spectacular Arts: Our expansive visual and performing arts offerings attract accomplished young artists to Cushing, while our "just try it" philosophy invites everyone to explore creativity and discover new talents. Exciting Athletics: With 26 teams in 14 sports, we offer something for athletes at every level of experience, and thrilling competition that binds us together as Penguins for life. In the past 17 years, Cushing teams have won 24 NEPSAC championships in 6 sports. Welcoming Community: At Cushing, you'll quickly discover that you're a part of something bigger than yourself and find many opportunities to build leadership skills and to leave your mark. The best way to discover if Cushing is right for you is to visit and experience our extraordinary community of learners for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you! We are all participants in a new era of thinking and learning, where change is a constant and the pace is rapid. Cushing Academy’s college preparatory program is designed to ensure that our students are comfortable in environments that evolve—and equipped with the skills and knowledge to become confident leaders in the 21st century. Through a combination of solid foundation courses and innovative targeted programming, Cushing creates a learning experience that is transformative for every student, at every level. This is how we define academic excellence. You will be challenged to think critically and creatively, write effectively, express ideas persuasively, and collaborate with respect. Our wide range of subjects and formats will spark your imagination and open your eyes. Our unique partnerships with other academic institutes will bring renowned scholars to your doorstep and provide opportunities for one-of-a-kind internships and off-campus programs. No matter how you learn or what interests you most, Cushing will help you recognize your strengths, build vital connections with the wider world, and prepare for success at college and beyond. Today’s secondary students are approaching adulthood at an unparalleled moment in human history. Rapid and powerful changes are occurring simultaneously across multiple technologies, and the rate of change will only increase. To prepare our students to meet the opportunities and challenges of this century, Cushing Academy founded the Cushing Institute for 21st Century Leadership in 2007. Cushing's focus on 21C learning facilitates highly relevant exploration and innovation in every aspect of classroom instruction and campus life, and instills in our students the perspectives, understanding and skills they will need to become effective leaders in the decades ahead. Projects for the 2012-2013 academic year included: infusion of this year’s 21C theme into the school’s core curriculum; implementation of iClass tables in four additional classrooms; creation and implementation of iPad pilot program; additional opportunities for cross-cultural student learning; creation of Innovation Lab for student exploration and creation beyond the classroom; program support and professional development for faculty. Art is a fundamental means of expression, a crucial element of human history whose relevance has increased with time. Today, we live in a world that is growing smaller—a world where people from unrelated nations with no shared language seek to connect and communicate. In this world, art can speak volumes. At Cushing Academy, we encourage our students to discover and explore their artistic interests as a way to round out their education and enhance their personal development. To support our extensive programs in both visual and performing arts, we offer dedicated facilities and leading edge equipment, a superb arts faculty, and the flexibility to accommodate students at every level. Whether you are a beginner or well advanced in your studies, we welcome your participation and encourage you to find your voice, express your vision, and let your imagination soar. Every athlete at Cushing Academy has a chance to go beyond the game. Whether you’re playing for fun or playing for keeps, you will sharpen your focus, build confidence, and transcend limits. You’ll connect with other players and strive to play fair. You’ll learn when to lead—and when to collaborate and work as a team. Cushing has a long tradition of outstanding athletics for girls and boys, offering superb facilities and coaching at every level. From ice hockey and football to soccer, lacrosse, tennis, and more, we have recreational and intramural programs as well as competitive teams which play other schools throughout New England. Our coaches (most of whom are full-time faculty members) are dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve excellence. You can try a sport for the very first time—or try out for varsity, setting your sights on Division I. Whatever your interest, we look forward to welcoming you into our program. Each fall, Cushing Academy opens its doors to an incredible variety of incoming students, from all over the country and all over the world, most of whom arrive wondering how they’ll survive so far from home. We understand the pressures our students are up against. This is why we have created and cultivated a remarkable support system—an inviting community that fosters acceptance and feels like home. You will find friends and mentors in your own class, in the classes above you, and among the faculty members and coaches who share your life on campus. You’ll know people by name, everywhere you go. On good days, you’ll have someone who understands your joy. On tough ones, we’ll always be willing to listen or help. How will you meet these people? Some of us will live in your residence hall, and others will find you in class. You’ll bump up against us in your afternoon activities, whether you’re practicing with your team, rehearsing on stage, or just joining a pick-up soccer game. Wherever you go, the pervasive spirit of collaboration will astonish you—and the support you receive will empower you to seek new experiences, assume new responsibilities, and stretch your skills to the utmost.



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