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Buxton School

Buxton School

Buxton School

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Buxton School

291 South St, Williamstown, MA 01267, USA



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Buxton School

For over 80 years, Buxton has been educating students in the progressive tradition: We believe that all people learn best by doing, and that experience is the most powerful teacher of all. To that end, students are engaged, inspired, and nurtured in all aspects of their intellectual, artistic, and social lives in the context of a small, egalitarian community. At Buxton, students are challenged to participate fully and meaningfully in their academic pursuits; called to create an authentic intellectual culture in the classroom; encouraged to immerse themselves in creative activity; and expected to live a conscious, responsible life in the context of a receptive and responsive community. Central to the school experience are: the commitment we make to traveling inside and outside of our country to gain understanding of how communities and governments work; the value of students contributing their ideas, energy and labor to the care and maintenance at the school; and the importance of artistic exploration and expression. Buxton is committed to diversity of every kind, believing this enriches students’ experiences at school and in the world beyond. We strive to make sure that Buxton students graduate knowing that they must be active participants in and contributors to their communities and the world.
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