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Blair Academy

Blair Academy

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Blair Academy

2 Park St, Blairstown, NJ 07825, USA


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Blair Academy

Admissions Welcome

Look closely at Blair, and you will see more than a beautiful campus offering remarkable facilities for academics, athletics and the arts.

The committed faculty and dedicated students have created a vibrant and unique community built upon genuine relationships. Blair is a school...
  • where you will receive a superior college preparatory education through a rigorous “open architecture” curriculum;
  • where the faculty members truly know the students—communication and parent partnerships are  essential elements of the school philosophy;
  • where students look beyond themselves and engage in community life with both purpose and enthusiasm; and
  • where you will meet some of the finest individuals in the world—faculty as well as students—and, best of all, you will leave calling these people friends.
Blair is interested in students who seek the satisfaction of personal achievement through an academic experience that is both broad and challenging. Blair students are young men and women of character–intellectually curious, well-rounded, clearly focused on the future. And Blair graduates are leaders who excel in the college environment and make meaningful contributions in life.  


Superior academic preparation is at the heart of the Blair experience.

Learning at Blair is a rigorous, creative and collaborative process, one that increasingly urges you to pursue your own academic interests and seek knowledge without limits. Teachers partner closely with you and encourage you to meet the concrete and abstract challenges that learning and inquiry demand. Together, you explore the questions, problems and ideas that inspire you to seek deeper understanding of a subject. Hard work and the mentorship of Blair’s faculty will make you a better student than you ever thought you could be.  

Student Life

While academic preparation is central to the Blair experience, we believe firmly in our student life curriculum and emphasize leadership, service, and the ability to live in a residential community as essential elements of a student’s preparation for college and life.

Our students find their days filled with academic, social, athletic, and community activities and an integral part of the Blair experience is learning how to enjoy the many opportunities on campus, while also managing one’s time in healthy and productive ways. Shortly after arriving on campus, Blair students will quickly learn the routine—meals are served in The Romano Dining Hall, school meeting takes place on Mondays and Fridays in Dubois Theatre, and afternoons are reserved for athletic competitions and extracurricular activities. During the week, classes are supplemented by programs like the weekly Society of Skeptics lecture, at which an engaging speaker visits campus to share his or her insight into world affairs, science, technology, media or journalism. Throughout the year, students also enjoy a wide range of concerts, art openings and receptions, poetry readings, theatre productions and off-campus excursions to nearby New York City. On the weekends, the Blair community comes together in a more relaxed setting for barbeques, dances, intramural sporting competitions and music festivals.  


Physical education is not a class at Blair, it is a philosophy, a belief that students should have many opportunities to exercise and that most of those opportunities should involve commitment to learning new skills, developing individual goals and, frequently, wearing the Blair blue against our traditional athletic rivals.

Blair believes the physical education our students receive is superior to the usual class approach that is common in most high school settings. By playing on a team, boys and girls develop camaraderie, prepare strategies for competition and learn valuable lessons about achieving their goals.  

The Arts

Welcome to the Fine and Performing Arts section of the website, where you can find descriptions of all of Blair’s music and theatre offerings, as well as art exhibit and performance schedules.

Blair’s performing arts series presents groups from the Blair community and the outside arts world. Most performances are open to the public, with general seating available. No reservations or advance ticket sales are necessary unless otherwise indicated.
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