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Joanne Robertson



14 October 2014

Originally From

Montego Bay, Jamaica


3 children placed

Joanne Robertson

What they shared

We have worked with Bedi for over 5 years to help us find the “right” boarding school for each of our three children.
Each process has been different—as each of children have different needs and interests. But Bedi’s involvement has been the constant.
What Bedi brings to the table is his experience from actually working in the US boarding school system, his network of contacts he made while there (and then some subsequently) and most importantly, his role as a parent himself who has had his own kids go through the process.

This unique combination is what assures us that he understands what his clients are going through—and what it is they need to get the “right” result.

Under his guidance we have successfully placed 3 kids in 3 different boarding schools–with the constant being that they have all been happy and love their schools!


Over the years, Bedi Walker, through this Annual School Boarding Fair, has connected Caribbean families with top American schools with a deep focus on ensuring that each student thrives in their location. Don't miss this chance to make your next step, your best step.


Registration is free. Sign up today.

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