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Heather Facey



1 November 2014

Originally From

Kingston, Jamaica

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Heather Facey

What they shared

Last year, after our daughter, Sabrina, decided that she would like to attend boarding school in the United States for her final two years of high school, we were at a loss as to how to proceed. I called a friend who had been through the process and was told “You have to call Bedi!” So I did.

Calling Bedi was the best decision we could have made in relation to U. S. boarding schools. Having no previous knowledge of the schools, their locations or the application process, we needed serious guidance, and guidance is what we got. Bedi met with us (including Sabrina) at length, and based on her personality, academic performance and interests, guided us to look at certain schools that may have been of interest to her. We did our research and narrowed our interest to 4 or 5 schools.

When it came to application time, Bedi was there as a resource. He was (and still is) always available for ideas, feedback and general help and guidance. Bedi remained in close touch with us throughout the process and advised us as soon as there was news from a school. He was so much a part of the process for us that when we had visited schools and it was decision time, we had Bedi on speakerphone! He was indeed part of that meeting, discussing the two schools to which we had narrowed it down.

Bedi, we couldn’t have done it without you!

And I just have to add that Sabrina is now very happy at Kent School, excelling academically, with honors. She is also loving her new sport, crew, and is a member of the school choir. Bedi made her day about 2 weeks ago by paying her a visit at Kent!! She was thrilled to say the least. Thanks Bedi…for everything.


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