Lauren Delapenha



25 August 2020

Originally From

Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Lauren Delapenha

What they shared

Mr. Walker is a rare find. He helped my brother and me with our boarding school placements years ago, and I still remember his thoughtfulness and professionalism while doing so. Mr. Walker genuinely cared. Not only did he strategize our applications to some of the highest-ranked schools in the US, but he also curated our school lists for the best fit. He made sure we applied to schools that equipped us to flourish both scholastically and socially because he took the time to understand our particular academic potential, goals, and personalities. The intellectual exposure I received in my boarding school not only prepared me for college, but has also continued to shape my personal and professional interests to this day.

Having worked in boarding schools in a variety of roles, Mr. Walker also brought a unique level of insight to the advising process. He offered insider's advice on admissions and school life that would have been difficult to acquire otherwise. I cannot recommend him highly enough."


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