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Linden Hall

212 E Main St, Lititz, PA 17543, USA


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Welcome to Linden Hall - Where Girls Lead

Founded in 1746, Linden Hall is the nation's oldest independent boarding and day school for girls. We are one of the nation's finest college preparatory all-girls' schools in the United States. It's here that you will find a supportive environment where academics, character and athletics unite and students become leaders - in the classroom and in life.


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Linden Hall at-a-glance

Founded 1746 (the oldest girls' boarding/day school in the United States) Location Lititz, Pennsylvania Average class size 12


200 students in grades 6-12 (70% boarding/30% day) Student Body Globally-focused campus representing 16 nations and 13 states Test Results 4.6 avg. AP Exam Score Academics Individualized courses of academic study available 18 AP classes Extracurricular Broad range covering the arts, athletics, equestrian Tuition Lowest tuition rate of independent day schools in Lancaster County and 15% lower than the national average for boarding schools  

Choose a girls' school - see the difference

Girls who attend single-sex schools outscore their co-ed counterparts on the SAT by an average of 28-43 points

One of the founding principles of Linden Hall in 1746 was that all females be thoroughly educated to become whole, responsible citizens. Educators now have solid proof that students with a single-sex education have a significant edge over their co-ed peers. So could a single-sex education lead to more competitive college placements and more dynamic futures? We strongly say, YES. At Linden Hall, girls see girls in the lead. The school's all-girl focus fosters a supportive, healthy environment that is nurturing and non-competitive. Students are driven by one another to take on academic challenges, express thoughts and opinions, and participate in new learning experiences. It all adds up to greater self-confidence - and greater opportunity for success and leadership in the real world.

The reality of a girls’ school education

  • Girls who attend single-sex schools outscore their co-ed counterparts on the SAT by an average of 28-43 points
  • Nearly 100% of girls’ school grads go on to college (and 100% of Linden Hall grads do!)
  • Three times as many alumnae of single-sex schools plan to become engineers
  • Girls’ school students spend more hours a week doing homework, attending study groups, tutoring others, and working with their teachers than co-ed school students
  • Students benefit from a healthy environment, without the social and behavioral challenges found in other academic settings
  • A recent study published by UCLA discusses the benefits realized by a single-sex education
Explore Linden Hall and see how an all-girl education will help your daughter reach new heights.  

Linden Hall’s campus - your place to shine

Linden Hall is a close community of young women from all corners of the United States and many countries around the world. Together, they experience what we believe is one of the best all-girls living and learning experience that is available. It is truly a place where girls see girls in the lead. Whether you’re a boarding school student or a day school student, you will experience a supportive, healthy campus environment where you can pursue any dream – in the classroom, on the athletic field, or on the stage. And girls learn about life beyond their own backyards – immersing themselves in the culture of their fellow students and experiencing independent living in a family-like atmosphere. Linden Hall’s campus is always alive with the co-curricular activities of clubs and other campus organizations. Dances and weekend activities provide girls with opportunities to interact with boys (yes, there are boys!) and broaden the student life experience. Life on Linden Hall’s campus is an experience like no other – come visit today and discover it for yourself!  

Challenging each student

Linden Hall is dedicated to providing multiple levels of curricular sophistication to ensure that each student is challenged by a course of study that is individualized just for her. Recently, Linden Hall developed two new AP courses, just for two students. Middle School and Upper School students are taught by the finest department faculty – guiding and preparing students for life at a four-year college and beyond. Visit the additional pages in this section to learn more! Linden Hall offers enriching coursework, opportunities for advanced study, and one of the best Concentrated Studies programs in the United States. We strike a balance between academic excellence and a supportive community, resulting in what we believe is the nation’s finest college preparatory school for girls.  

Experience the rich culture that is Linden Hall

At Linden Hall, students experience a globally-focused environment with rich geographical and cultural variety. Our diverse student body represents international students from 16 nations and American students from 13 states. Everything Linden Hall has to offer – from the visual arts to the literary and performing arts, as well as numerous social and travel events – makes students’ lives more culturally enriched. Visit the additional pages in this section to learn more!  

Learning to lead through team building and sportsmanship

Linden Hall recognizes the vital role that athletics play in the educational process. Athletics not only involve teambuilding, but also provide leadership opportunities for students. An award-winning member of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), Linden Hall participates in varsity tennis, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. The school’s co-operative sponsorship with the Warwick School District allows qualified student athletes to participate in field hockey, swimming, track, softball, and lacrosse. In addition to interscholastic offerings, Upper School students may select clubs in aerobics, Palates, yoga, cross-country, badminton, strength conditioning, and table tennis. Middle School students can experience dance, swimming, and riding, all at the club level.
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