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Ashville Harrogate

Ashville Harrogate

Ashville Harrogate

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Ashville Harrogate

Green Ln, Harrogate HG2 9JP, UK

+44 (0)1423 566358

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Ashville Harrogate


For more than 120 students, Ashville College is not just the school they come to every weekday. During term time it is their home as well. Ashville boarding is a happy place for students and staff alike with clear principles and practices, details of which can be found on this page. A young person boarding at Ashville shares a home with fellow students and residential staff. Each of the four Houses provide an extended family offering friendship, advice and guidance whenever it is needed. Students like the structure of the days and weeks. They enjoy living close to their friends. They appreciate the facilities and the fact that there is always plenty to do. Most of all, they love being part of a community which cares for them and puts their interests first. The opportunities at Ashville are wide ranging, enabling students to find their niche, be it academic, sporting, musical, artistic or something completely different! The boarders benefit from outstanding facilities as part of the large school, together with a nurturing caring environment, as each house is home to approximately 30 students, enabling close friendships and a real sense of community to develop. Ashville has a truly international feel, with students from a wide range of countries making up the boarding community. Current and recent students hail from the UK, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Thailand, Nigeria, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, Spain and Vietnam. Click here to download the prospectus (PDF) Boarding Handbook for Parents and Pupils Boarding principles and practices
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