Troy F Kemp

School Representative


15 October 2014

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Tennessee, USA

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Troy F Kemp

What they shared

I’ve have been working with Michael “Bedi” Walker since the fall of 2009. In a world of hidden agendas, Bedi’s honest approach has been a breath of fresh air. He is genuinely interested in helping families find the best fit school for their child. I have great respect for what he has done to expose Caribbean families to a variety of US and Canadian boarding schools.

The Caribbean Boarding School Fair has also been a blessing for McCallie School. Prior to attending the fairs, we did not have any boarding students from Jamaica or Bahamas. I am happy to say we now have several outstanding students and graduates from the Caribbean.


The conference consists of prestigious boarding schools from all over the USA and Canada. Join us at the conference and network with officials representing each school and see what it takes to compete in the educational market abroad.