Ruth (Wade) Kwakwa



26 August 2020

Originally From

Accra, Ghana

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Ruth (Wade) Kwakwa

What they shared

All it took was a couple whatsapps, a video, and a conversation with Bedi, from Accra and Kingston, to realise that Bedi understood exactly how our scholar-athlete son could get the most out of his final high school years. We would probably have given up if it weren't for Bedi telling us what was possible, and pointing us in the right direction. He understands what kids want, and what it means to find the best fit for each student. Certainly, schools all have something powerful to offer, but 'fit' is what Bedi can help to assess. Hats off to Bedi for helping us to narrow things down, so that our son could make the final, and right decision.


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