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Fountain Valley School Colorado

Fountain Valley School Colorado

Fountain Valley School Colorado

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Fountain Valley School Colorado

6155 Fountain Valley School Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80911, USA


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Fountain Valley School Colorado

Our School

Located in the Rocky Mountain West, Fountain Valley School offers a college-preparatory, boarding and day school program for motivated students within a close knit and supportive community. The generous landscape of open prairie and snow-capped mountains is a continual source of personal inspiration, as well as a reminder of the opportunities and responsibilities that lie beyond the School’s boundaries.  

Our Mission

Fountain Valley School of Colorado is dedicated to providing a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum in academics, athletics and the arts. Our community endeavors to foster a lifelong love of challenge and learning in an environment of diversity and mutual respect, and to prepare adolescents to become individuals who are open-minded, curious, courageous, self-reliant and compassionate.  

Our Values

Francis Froelicher, the School’s founding headmaster, believed that Fountain Valley School should prepare students “to write their own history.” To empower them to do so, the School seeks to nurture all students in their pursuit of excellence and strives to develop in all students the following core values:
  • Open-mindedness:
To be aware of the richness and depth of all human experience.
  • Curiosity:
To value lifelong pleasure in intellectual exploration and discovery; to receive the consequent satisfaction of achievement and excellence through focused, creative effort.
  • Courage:
To embrace challenge intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually as a pathway to insight and self-understanding; to stretch and see beyond one’s perceived boundaries.
  • Self-Reliance:
To be responsible; to exhibit initiative and accountability, working independently and collaboratively.
  • Compassion:
To demonstrate care and service to others, and to live a balanced and healthy life, enjoying the harmony of work and play.  

Academics @ FVS

Academics at Fountain Valley School of Colorado are challenging and comprehensive, offering honors and Advanced Placement courses in all discipline while providing a flexible approach to assure appropriate course placement for all students. The curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity, encourage critical-thinking skills, develop intellectual stamina and prepare students for the challenges of the finest colleges and universities. Seven departments offer more than 90 courses, including 20 AP courses.  

The Arts at FVS

Since its founding in 1930, the arts have held a special place in the School's life. With a comprehensive course offering in visual arts, theater, music, dance and film, Fountain Valley is a school full of opportunities and inspirations for creative minds. Countless alumni have gone on to build careers in the arts. Founding faculty Boardman Robinson built the base upon which FVS arts are built. He was a famed artist in his own right, and he also was a founding memory of the Broadmoor Arts Academy, now the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.  

We Are The Danes

Fountain Valley School of Colorado athletics has something for everyone. There are 25 traditional team competitive sports spanning across the varsity and JV levels as well as competitive climbing, mountain biking and equestrian teams, and an outdoor education program. In its history, FVS has captured team and individual state titles. Most recently, the boys climbing team won the 2012 state title, mountain biking finished fourth in the state, and the boys volleyball team was third in the state in 2013. The English riding team has won two national titles in the last six years, and the boys soccer team has qualified for states each of the last six years.  

School Life

Moments big and small add up to a transformative total. Students learn about themselves daily through academics, athletics, the arts and extracurriculars—through the relations they build with faculty who are also their advisers, coaches and houseparents—through a close-knit community that cheers on those who try something new—through the lifelong friendships formed here—through abundant leadership opportunities—and through a culture that motivates students to reach their full potential.
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